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Lisette Larkins

“Above & Beyond”

Friday, September 18 | 7:00 p.m.
Unity Temple on the Plaza

$20 at the Door (Cash/Check Only)

PSI Adventures in Consciousness presents renowned Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Teacher Lisette Larkins. Her fifth book, “Above and Beyond: The Incredible True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact“, will initiate you on your journey to become more fully human by revealing the marvels of your immortal heritage and the glorious adventures of eternal behind the veil.

Wise mysterious visitors selected Lisette for a “wake-up call” spiritual initiation in 1987, which produced an understanding of how to discover what she (we) came here to do. She was a young wife and mother having paranormal experiences that only she could see and hear. On top of that, she was struggling with an abusive employer and a failing marriage.

Lisette’s only possible escape was to apply the spiritual lessons that had first been provided by the strange visitors who had turned her world upside down: “What we offer you is the opportunity for us to love you, to mentor you home.

This way we get to be angels.”In relating her incredible story, you will learn why ET contact is the ultimate spiritual intervention:
•  What is the purpose of ET contact?
•  How does it serve the individual contactee and the human?
•  What purpose do crop circles serve?
•  Why did the ETs suggest developing the practice of manifestation?
•  Why so many opinions if aliens are friends or foes?

Learn more about Lisette and her other books at

Join us as Lisette relates her incredible story and discusses her latest book. Lisette has donated a limited number of her books to PSI to distribute free to the audience for a book signing after the discussion.

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